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From the Director


Each day we are faced with different challenges and one of the biggest challenges in present time is responding to the needs of the people. In the current context there are numerous innovation and funders in social sector to help and assist the underprivileged community to develop and transform their living standard.

However, the question is ,are any of those available resources reaching out to the people who are in need of those supports or how are those resources channelized to reach to these people? Most of the time the mechanism to tap those resources becomes too complicated due to laws and regulations or lengthy procedures required, and especially because of scam organisations the procedures becomes severe.

Nevertheless there are few working organisations that literally work with the community and are committed to do so by transforming the people and building the future. Community Educational Centre Society has emerged as one of the organisation in Nagaland exploring the community and creating opportunity to serve the people with new innovative strategies. Currently CECS is actively partnering with schools in remote areas under the WE TEACH teachers’ training program.

This initiative has emerged out of the need for training untrained teachers to perform better and motivated to teach children with new and innovative concepts. We have signed MOU with two schools one in Tuensang Dist. and the other from Mon Dist. We hope to come in agreement with more schools in the future and expand our wings of outreach to thousands of children who need better teachers and through which we predict that they will be better educated and become employable in the future.

The need for financial support is imperative to address most of the problems faced by the common people both in rural and urban community. What we now need is a proper structured developmental programmes in both govt. and non-govt. projects to see better outcome and enhance per capita income. With a huge number of educated unemployed young people and unemployed housewives, innovative income generation programs are the need of the hour. And in this regard good funders and investors are required through which with substantial inputs of resources a good number of families will have a better and healthy living standard. I am immensely grateful to all the partners and funders once again for having faith in us in reaching out to the communities and children. The CECS Team is ready once again to head towards more responsibilities and challenges in the enterprise to provide services to the children and communities.

“Walk with us and see the change, together we can change the community”
Thank you all and God Bless

Subonenba longkumer

Director  , CECS


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